Yes! We are open 24 hours, every day of the year.
The minimum age to be a member of theTrack is 16 years of age. 
While it is never too early to start fitness training, there will be certain restrictions for guests under 16 to train here. This is for safety and security reasons.
Feel free to contact us for more information!

No. Only members are allowed entry to train at theTrack. 

theTrack gym has a strict – No towel, No gym policy. All members are required to bring a towel with them to train. If you forget, we do have towels for sale.

Masks are required as well due to government restrictions.
Also due to Covid-19 regulations, our water fountain will be removed for use until further notice. The water fountain tap however will be kept on. Members can use the tap to fill up their drink bottles.

No. All members are required to tap in at the entrance. theTrack gym has a door monitoring system to prevent any unauthorized entry by tailgaters. Once detected by the system, our CCTV will identify and be in contact with the member that allowed the tailgater in.

Yes! We have day passes at $15 per entry. Day passes are available only by appointments.
Please contact us in advanced. We would always try our best to meet you at your preferred time.

Yes! We have personal trainers at theTrack to cater to your training requirements. You can book our PTs by emailing us at hello@thetrackgym.com.au.

Group classes are also being run at TheTrack. The timetables are on the whiteboard at the entrance

Yes! At theTrack, we have a suspension policy for members who wish to put their membership on hold. This is for a maximum of 60 days ( and no more than two suspensions) in a calendar year.

Yes most definitely!

During your membership or trial orientation, you would have been shown the rules board which all members should abide by.

The rules include basic gym etiquette like appropriate clothing and footwear at all times, re-racking weight plates after use, etc.

Members (full-time or on trial) who fail to abide by the rules will be frowned upon.


Yes! There are ample free bays available in the front of the gym.
The front parking bays are monitored by our CCTVs for your security.
There is also bicycle parking available for riders.
Yes! There are 24 hours CCTVs installed throughout the interior of the premise. These CCTVs can be remotely monitored by staff at all times.
During unstaffed hours, should there be an emergency – Members can activate a panic button to alert a 24 hours monitoring service. Emergency services or theTrack staff will be onsite as soon as possible.

Yes! We have keyed lockers available at the gym. They are also free of charge. If the lockers are fully occupied, we also have cubby holes for storage.

Whichever storage facility is used, members will still have to be responsible for their own personal belongings.


Yes! We are able to share equipment, as long as it is sanitized between uses.

Members are required to wipe down all equipment after use.

Due to Covid-19 regulations, our water fountain will be removed for use until further notice. The water fountain tap however will be kept on. Members can use the tap to fill up their drink bottles.

We have a very detailed cleaning schedule as well as providing anti-bacterial wipes for all members to sanitize the equipment between uses. 
theTrack also minimizes risk and maintain the hygiene by requiring all members to use a gym towel to train. It is a strict No Towel, No Gym policy.
Members are required to bring their own drink bottles as the water fountain has been removed for this period.
The premise and equipment are also cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis.

While theTrack keeps a record of a member’s entry/exit, it is still recommended to use the SafeWA app to check in your location with the Department of Health.

There will be QR codes throughout the gym to scan.

Face masks are now required in the gym at this time but if the regulation changes, we will update members as soon as we are informed.

As much as possible, keep a good social distance from the next member.


For the safety of  all our members and staff, theTrack is strictly in line with WA mandates when it comes to covid restrictions.

Anyone entering theTrack will be required to provide us with proof of their vaccination certificate. This will be via email or by sight. (at the discretion of theTrack’s staff)

Any refusal to provide vaccination proof will be denied entry.



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